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Project Bestiary

Today I'd like to introduce you all to a project I've been invited to join by Zack, the developer of the wonderful Siralim series many of you know and love.

Starting today I'll be Zack's co-host on this new podcast series, Project Bestiary, about all things MONSTER TAMING!

We'll be covering the latest news, doing play-alongs of the genre's best titles across the ages and discussing the mechanics that make this rich, deep genre so damn cool. We'll have guests along the way and will be having a back and forth with all of you listening in from week to week. Just a bunch of monster nerds sharing laughs, tears, stories and thoughts.

Big thanks to Zack of Siralim fame for inviting me to this awesome project, personally I'm hoping we can bring the spotlight on some of the more obscure games in the genre and give some of the upcoming indie devs out there an additional platform on which to be heard.