Closed Beta Contest


Hello Monster Tamers!

Our Closed Beta will be extended to all Kickstarter backers of the $10 tier and above on Monday, February 24th. BUT, we've got some fun in store for backers and non-backers alike!


The Backer Contest

Prize: An exclusive Monster that is not available in the present beta.

Entrants must tame or breed a Monster and take a screenshot in-game on the overworld, or on the stat screen. Attaching lore to your entries is optional and will not affect your chances at winning but I sure do love reading it :)

- Pictures can be submitted through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MonsterCrown
- Winners will be announced on the Steam Community Hub in an announcement and on Discord.
- The number of entries per person are not limited. Everyone can enter as often as they like

We'll be drawing one entry per weekday (Mon-Fri)


The Public Contest

Prize: Access to the closed beta.

Entrants must share or retweet one or more of the entries for the backer contest on social media.

-The number of entries per person are not limited. Everyone can enter as often as they like

We'll be drawing one entry per day for the first week of the beta, with continued drawing beyond the first week depending on the intensity of feedback/maintenance of the ongoing beta.



When and how long is the Photo Mode open?
24 February, 2:30pm CET - 9 March, 2:30pm CET

How do you enter the contest? Where do you share these? Discord? Twitter? Facebook? Steam? Other social media?
Entries are only counted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Posts should include #MonsterCrown so we can find them. Only then will they be eligible.

I don't have any social media accounts, can I still participate in this?
Unfortunately not.

Can you still participate even if you don't tag the contest #?
No, entries are only eligible if the hashtag is used, because we need the tag to find the posts.

What is the min and maximum number of entries per participant?
The minimum number of entries is 1. There’s no maximum amount of entries.

Is there an age limit for people to be allowed to enter the contest?
There’s no age limitation for entering the contest

Can I gift my prize to someone else?
Yes, after receiving your reward you can decide to gift it to someone else.

Can I participate for someone else?
When you participate for someone else and you win, you’ll receive 1 (one) key and you’ll have to pass the key on. You won’t receive more than 1 key.

Can I participate as a team of two or more?
Yes, but only one key will be awarded to the winning entry.