Happy Holidays from Crowns Team - See you in 2018!

It's been a crazy 2017!

We've had a second Crowns contest, we've developed the side-demo, Crowns Frostbite and we were lucky enough to sit down and get to know our fans better than ever!

Hopefully you've learned a little about us along the way :)

2018 is a big year for us. We'll be on hiatus until January, and then we'll be back, with plenty of new info, pics and videos to share. This past year has been great for us because we got the chance to share so much of how Crowns has grown on a technical and art level since our early tech-demo in September 2016. Personally, I also got a chance to befriend some of the most amazing people in the monster taming community. Experts and developers have been so gracious to chat with me about my very favorite topic.

I've gained insights I'll be bringing back to the team and we'll be putting them under the microscope in our dev environment. Going forward, you'll begin to learn more about the core story of Crowns and the characters that speckle the island. Of course... you haven't seen half our monsters yet - and that's before we even start on forms!

Have a great holiday season my friends. I hope that that gift under the tree is just what you hoped! Stay up late and have a great time with family and friends alike, and we'll catch you in early 2018.

Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you :)