A Small Update

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give a quick update on me.

This has been a very difficult fall. Probably the hardest period of my life up until this point. My fiancee has been quite sick and we've had to see specialists and worry about chronic conditions that could be quite serious. I've also been sick to the point that it took me out for about three weeks - luckily nothing serious though.

I worked 120 hour weeks from August to November, getting up an hour early each day to work on Monster Crown and getting back home at 5PM to work until about midnight before heading to bed to do it all over again. That was tough!

But what was really tough was when on Saturday we had to have our pet, our loving, energetic Chinchilla of ten years put to sleep because after giving him 24 hr care and seeing several vets we learned no matter what we did, or how hard we tried, he would not be ok.

He sat near me, during those 120 hr weeks and has been a constant inspiration for years. So, SO many of our monsters are inspired by him. His energy, limberness and his fiery spirit.

I'm pretty worn down.

Work on Monster Crown has not and will not cease. The Kickstarter support will continue to be fueled directly into development only and in 2019 you'll receive a game that I am wholly proud of and I make each day with all of my heart and all of you in my heart.

Unfortunately Monster of the Weeks will have to go on hiatus until the new year. I love giving you all a taste of Monster Crown each week but with time and energy being in such short supply at the end of this long year, I need to pour it all into Monster Crown and try to recover a little over the holidays.

A few months ago I finally thought of a way to show you all how much your presence, kind words and support have lifted me up while things were so tough. Monster Crown will be the culmination of all my work, but maybe there's something in the distant future you can keep an eye out for too.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday, hopefully the best one yet,

Lead Developer of Monster Crown