Monster Storytelling

I couldn't believe how much people enjoyed this tweet!

A few people asked me to explain what exactly I meant, or what had me so excited!

Well have you ever played and learned a new TCG game? I know I have, and at first, well, I have to pick up my opponent's every card and read it carefully. "Oh! wow, turns out I really am as screwed as he said! pls ban or I kick and scream.", etc.

But after a short while you don't need to read it, you already know. Even though there can be hundreds of popular cards you learn the idea behind them and game-play speeds up (and you look like less of a noob at the local tournament). That's when things really get fun, you can even learn what sort of deck to expect inside the first turn your opponent takes.

For me, as the developer, I know these things right away, but I'm sure you guys will learn them very quickly. I know where monsters are found, and I know their signature moves. Take a look at this graphic:

Sure! That's a great way to build a highly custom monster, but I see MORE!

If I see the bottom child monster I'll say to myself "wow! this person really likes Dracupyr's design! And look at that palette - this player clearly loved the post game location!"

"Wow, Brutalize! You mean they had what it took to beat that optional post-game dungeon too?"

"Hm, those moves seem to reflect a strong magical preference in stats... I bet they've ignored building up this creature's magical resistance"

"Oh no! This monster tanked my magic attack! This is a truly formidable foe! Maybe even I could learn a thing or two from their knowledge of monster breeding..."

The insights to be gained from someone's favorite monster by the time they finish the game are beyond count. A million stories, a true show of self-expression and creativity. I love monsters, so just the thought of seeing what unique species you all make, what diverse stories you'll tell me...

I just can't believe it.

And I can't wait.

Lead Dev
Jason (devotedtoneurosis)

PS: Yes some of the above monsters are new and have never been seen before... which ones are genetic variants? Which ones are new species? Unfortunately... I'll never tell!

You really thought I was joking when I said you ain't seen half the monsters yet huh? ;)